verb: to go around from one place to another in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment.

Gallivant will take you through a journey of music while also keeping you on your feet.

Gallivant started out as a cover band named Haze many years ago, playing small towns in Iowa. They then formed into Gallivant a 3 piece riff based rock band in February of 2016 and have moved into making their own music with a home base in Omaha, NE. They just released A self-recorded, debut album “Leavenworth” and went on their very first tour in the year 2017.

Gallivant is a very diverse sounding band coming out with songs compared to the great Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy all the way to comparisons to bands such as Muse, Jet and everything in between. With smooth harmonies and catchy vocal melodies that’ll be stuck in your head for days, Gallivant is a must see if they come to your town, not to mention the instrumental side of their music. They write riffs and drum parts that were inspired by Sabbath, Zeppelin, Hendrix, and all of the other greats. Featuring solo’s in every instrument and dynamic volume that covers the whole spectrum. Check it all out for yourself at the next Gallivant show.


Joseph Donnelly

Sam Hayes

Josh Craig